About Hokulani

Hokulani Honda

Hokulani with her daughter, Kahealani.

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Sweet Hokulani E - A gift from Kawika Gapero

Hokulani is considered one of the top Polynesian Show and Dance Producers in Asia today. Through her instruction in Polynesian Dances such as Hula, Tahitian, and Maori; students enrich their lives with cultures of Polynesia while having a lot of healthy fun. Learning these dances enables the students to actually showcase the Aloha Spirit itself which infuses her students with the love, beauty, and rich culture of Hawaii and Polynesia. Student’s hearts, as well as audiences are touched as well. Many of her students are successfully performing in television, movies, live revues, and theater internationally. As innovative, entertaining, as well as dazzling as her productions and dance classes are, show business success for her and her students is just part of her story.

Hokulani is Hawaiian. Born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, she is the fourth of six children in her family. Being Hawaiian, the concept of Aloha is more than a word or value, it is Hokulani herself.

Growing up in Hawaii’s multi-cultural community, she started learning Hula from age 5. Over the years, she developed a passion for dance and the values of hard work, discipline, and Aloha. From Hula she went on to learn all the dances of Polynesia. By age 12, she was dancing professionally. After completing school in Hawaii, she went to Japan and performed in Polynesian dance revues. Along the way she never stopped learning and refining her talents from many of the legends of Polynesian dance and show business. Enriched by the tapestry of cultures of Polynesia, she soon realized that her destiny was to share, with Aloha, the gift of the dances of Polynesia with others.

When asked to define her success with her students, Hokulani said, "My goal and passion is to bring out the best in every person." She went on to explain that her students work and learn in an environment based on sharing, caring, and respect for one another that is Aloha. Hokulani is a life coach who is determined to guide her students to meet their goals. Many students see her like a second mother.

Not every student is looking for a career in show business. Many just want to learn a new skill, look better, feel better, know more about Hawaii, have fun, and be more confident. As a world-class professional who has been bringing out the best in her students for many years, Hokulani has never forgotten her roots. She is truly thankful and appreciative for all her students. Aloha is Hokulani.